How do I add autoresponses (OOO) back into a campaign?

If you receive any reply from a prospect (human or automatic), Sendbloom will  automatically remove them from the campaign

For those prospects that are just out of the office and you'd like to continue working them, here's how you can add them back into the campaign right where they left off:*

1. Drill down to view your list of autoresponders for any campaign 

To view your list of autoresponders: click on a campaign name in Campaigns, click on a segment name (if you have more than one segment), and then click % autoresponded.

2. Click Add Back for any prospect under 'Action' (pictured above)

3. Customize the prospect's next touch:

  • Choose the date and time you'd like that prospect to receive their next touch* (i.e. after they return to the office)
  • Update the copy of their email to welcome that specific prospect back to the office [recommended] (i.e. hope you enjoyed your trip to Maui!) 

Note: Scheduling (date /time) and copy changes to the template will only affect the single prospect you are adding back. All other prospects will receive touches according to the template and scheduling set out in your campaign (unless they were customized with Sendbloom 1-to-1 or when adding back from OOO).

4. Click Save Changes and Add Back to Campaign

When you've set the date and time and made any changes to the prospect's next touch, click Save Changes and Add Back to Campaign (pictured above) and you're all set! 

Note: Future touches will continue to send after this next touch according to the schedule you've setup in your campaign (i.e. if you add back a prospect to receive Touch 2, they will be scheduled to receive Touch 3 four weekdays later if Touch 3 is set to send 4 weekdays after Touch 2 in your campaign). Of course, the prospect will be removed from your campaign if they reply or are opted out.

*Which touch will each prospect get next? 

Your prospects will receive their next touch in the campaign. For example:

  • If you received an OOO for Jerry after he received Touch 2, Sendbloom will add Jerry back to the campaign starting with Touch 3.
  • If you received an OOO for Melissa after she received on Touch 4, Sendbloom will add Melissa back to the campaign starting with Touch 5.