View or export campaign statistics

Statistics - the Basics

Sendbloom tracks which prospects reply, open an email, click a link, respond with an auto-reply, or bounce. If  open and click tracking is disabled for a campaign, Sendbloom will only track replies, auto-replies, and. 

Reply rates, open rates, links clicked, auto-responses and bounces are calculated on a prospect basis (i.e. 20 replies out of 100 reached prospects). Reached prospects are calculated as prospects emailed minus any bounces. 

When viewing campaign details, hover over any percentage to view total number of prospects that completed any action. Keep in mind that your percentages may not always match the total number of prospects that completed an action. For example, if you set up a campaign with multiple touches the same prospect could open multiple emails from you.  

Campaign-level statistics

View reply rates, open rates, link clicks, autoresponded and bounces for any campaigns in Campaigns. Campaign-level statistics incorporate all Touches from your campaign. 

Segment-level statistics

To compare campaign statistics from one segment to another, click into the campaign card with the blue arrow to view segment-level statistics.

Segment-level statistics break down overall campaign performance by segment. Did one segment have a higher reply rate or open rate than another? If you are using A/B testing for subject lines or copy, check out which segment(s) perform best here.

Touch-level statistics

Use touch-level statistics to view how one touch in your campaign performed compared to another touch. Did the second email yield double the response rate than the first touch?

Click into any statistic (replied, opened, link clicked, autoresponded or bounced) to view which prospects replied, opened, clicked, sent an auto-reply or bounced in a particular touch.

What does Action 1 of 3 mean?

Action refers to how many times the prospect opened or clicked a link and signifies the time that that instance of opening or clicking happened. 

For example, Action 2 of 3 would signify this is the 2nd time of 3 that the recipient clicked the link. 

Export statistics to a .csv file

If you're interested in the data behind campaign statistics, you can export all data used to calculate campaign statistics by clicking ‘Export Data’ under more options for any campaign. 

Data includes replies, auto-replies, opens, clicks, bounces, as well as send times (in UTC) and all data uploaded for prospects in this campaign (i.e. company, industry). 

Campaign data exports as a .csv file. Data exports are available for download at any point during a campaign but will only be complete once a campaign has finished sending.

Pro Tip: If you do not see the email in your inbox please check your spam folder :)