Why did my campaign only send 100 emails?

If you noticed that your campaign only sent out 100 emails, don't worry! Sendbloom sends campaign emails in "batches" of 100 per touch. 

How does sending in batches work?

If you have a campaign with 500 prospects, instead of sending all 500 prospects your first touch email Sendbloom will send out the first email (and all following campaign emails) in batches of approximately 100 over five days, starting at the scheduled start date you choose in Touches

Why do you send emails in batches?

Sendbloom sends emails for every campaign in batches for three important reasons: 

  1. To allow you to run more than one campaign at once and still send within your server's sending limits. Most email providers limit the number of emails you send in a day or hour, after you hit that limit your account may be temporarily suspended. 
  2. To ensure that you can keep up with replies in your inbox. If you send a campaign with 1000 prospects, you could be managing hundreds of replies in the same day. We want you to have the time to respond to everyone! 
  3. To prevent your email from being marked as a spam sender. If you consistently send too many emails in the same day or hour, your email provider may mark you as a spam account and permanently disable your account. 

How does email batching work? 

Sending in batches of 100 does not necessarily mean you only send 100 emails each day. Let's say you have a campaign with 500 prospects and three touches (Touch 1, Touch 2 bump email 2 days later, and Touch 3 bump email 1 day later). Sending in batches of 100 would spread sending of Touch 1 emails over 5 days, schedule sending of Touch 2 emails two days after they received the first touch, and schedule sending of Touch 3 emails 1 day after they received the second touch. 

Here's what the sending timeline would look like for this example:

Day 1: 100 emails from Touch 1 (batch 1)

Day 2: 100 emails from Touch 1 (batch 2)

Day 3: 100 emails from Touch 1 (batch 3) and 100 emails from Touch 2 (batch 1)

Day 4: 100 emails from Touch 1 (batch 4), 100 emails from Touch 2 (batch 2), 100 emails from Touch 3 (batch 1)

Day 5: 100 emails from Touch 1 (batch 5) and 100 emails from Touch 2 (batch 3), 100 emails from Touch 3 (batch 2)

In the example, Sendbloom would send 300 emails per day for this campaign on Days 4-5. Running another campaign (or several) in parallel can quickly increase daily send totals from 100-300 emails per day to 300-900 emails per day.