How do I add links or format font and spacing in my email?

Format your email to your liking with standard formatting options that appear above the template when editing the subject or body.

Adding and Customizing Links

Click the link button to add a new link to your Sendbloom email (we'll track prospects link clicks for all links unless you’ve selected Tracking Off for your campaign). You can customize the name of your link by changing the Text field when adding a link. 

For example, your email could talk about sales automation with the below fields (instead of reading "We love sales automation

In this example, your customized link would look like this:

Edit in HTML

For advanced formatting, edit your template in HTML by clicking on <> to toggle your template view between text and HTML editing.

If you're looking to send a marketing email with pictures and formatting with HTML, request inline CSS HTML to best integrate with the HTML editor in Touches. Other forms of HTML may contain external style sheets that will not be able to be accessed and alter the appearance of the email. 

Once you add the HTML, be sure to send a test email to see what the email will look like to prospects.