Touch types: emails (new thread or bump) and Salesforce tasks (call, LinkedIn InMail or connect, custom)

The basics 

When you create your cadence of touches to reach out to the prospects in your campaign, you can use a mix of emails, calls, LinkedIn InMails, LinkedIn connections, and your own custom tasks (all but emails are done through Salesforce tasks if your account is fully integrated with SFDC).

How do they work? 

Sendbloom will send emails from your connected email account and create tasks for you in Salesforce to remind you to call prospectssend them a LinkedIn InMailconnect with them on LinkedIn, or any other custom touch (think tweet, send personalized email, etc). 

All SFDC tasks will be scheduled with a reminder date that matches the date and time of the touch you schedule in Sendbloom.

Standard and custom touch types

Selecting your touch type

To change your touch type from a new thread to a bump email or any Salesforce task (callInMailconnect on LinkedIncustom task), use the dropdown above your scheduler to select your touch type.