Why Segment?

We know that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to prospecting: tailoring the copy of your email to reflect your prospect (i.e. their role, industry, product need or call to action) drives response rates, meetings booked and ultimately new customers.

Sendbloom segments allow for hyper-targeted messaging by dividing up the list of prospects in a campaign into segments based on rules (i.e. title contains Manager or Director), so that each segment will receive unique email templates throughout the campaign.

With segmenting, you can change the first sentence, call to action or entire body of each email in your campaign from one segment to another.

Rules can be defined based on merge tags in a campaign (‘My data’) or public data that Sendbloom provides (‘Company’, ‘Tech’, ‘Person’) from a company’s LinkedIn page, a company’s website or the contact’s LinkedIn profile.