Add a single prospect to a campaign (Sendbloom Instant)

The basics

Use Sendbloom Instant to easily add a new prospect to a campaign you've already set up instead of creating a duplicate campaign. You can add a prospect to any campaign in Campaigns

How does it work?

Any prospect added to a campaign with Sendbloom Instant will receive the same series of touches that the original group of prospects received. The only difference between prospects originally in the campaign and those added via Sendbloom Instant is that prospects may start the campaign on different dates. In this sense, Sendbloom Instant creates ongoing or rolling campaigns.

When adding a prospect(s) to a campaign with Sendbloom Instant, you'll select the campaign start date and time for the prospect to receive the first email and all other touches will occur according to the original campaign schedule set (i.e. send Touch 2 bump email 3 business days after Touch 1 if no reply). As soon as a prospect replies, they will be automatically removed from future campaign emails. 

Sendbloom Instant in Sendbloom

To add a prospect to a campaign with Sendbloom Instant, select more options to the right of any campaign in Campaigns, and click ‘Sendbloom Instant’ to add prospect details and pick start date and time for the first email. Just click 'Submit Instant' and you're all set!