The basics

In the Touches step, you can craft a cadence of touches catered to each segment you define for a campaign: customize the number of Touches, Touch types like new thread, bump email, SFDC tasks (calls, InMails, request LinkedIn connections, custom tasks) and timing to best target each group of prospects.

Creating Touches for your campaign is as simple as writing the subject and body of each template email. Use  merge tagsformatting and test emails to perfect each template.

Create cadence of touches for each segment

Add up to 11 Touches for each segment in a campaign: mix in new threads, bump emails, calls, InMails, requests for LinkedIn connection, and custom tasks to reach out to each segment with content that resonates with those prospects. 

For each segment, you can customize the date and time for every Touch: start the campaign on different dates and times from one segment to the next and schedule follow-up Touches according to each segment.

Use merge tags to personalize

Use  merge tags to customize your templates to each prospect based on the data you uploaded to Sendbloom. For example, using “Hi {{first_name}},” in your template will populate with the prospect’s first name data that you’ve added to Sendbloom.

Send test emails to proof your template

Send  test emails for any Touch to see what your email would look like to a prospect with merge tags populated with real prospect data. Test emails send to and from your connected email account and arrive in your inbox (and also show in your Sent Mail folder).

To fill out  merge tags in your test email, we'll use data from the first prospect in your list that falls into the appropriate segment.

Pro tip: Be sure to send a test email for each template - they are reflective of how prospects will see your email in their inbox and are a great way to spot check! Once emails start sending for a campaign, you can pause your campaign, but changes to the template cannot be made.

Pick a start date and time

Choose the date and time you'd like your campaign to start sending in Touch 1 and schedule following touches 1-30 days after each prospects receives the previous touch. Please note that with campaigns with more than 100 prospects, Sendbloom will automatically spread out sending of these emails in  batches of 100 so you can easily send multiple campaigns at once from your email server and respond to all replies in a timely manner. 

Clone a Segment

If you'd like to use a similar Touch structure and templates from one segment to another, cloning a segment will quickly copy all Touches and timing to another segment. Feel free to make any updates to customize your outreach to each segment after cloning.

Final step - submit your campaign!

After you've added all of the Touches to your campaign and sent your test emails, go ahead and Submit Campaign!