Salesforce opt-out rules

The basics

With full Salesforce integration, you can create opt-out rules that prevent Sendbloom emails for leads or contacts that meet any criteria you define (an "opt-out rule"). 

How opt-out rules work

Sendbloom will check every prospect before sending an email to see if that prospect meets any of your opt-out rules. If a prospect meets one opt-out rule (or more), Sendbloom will cancel the campaign email for that prospect. 


The check for opt out rules is completed immediately before the scheduled send time for each email to ensure Sendbloom is acting on the latest information in your Salesforce account.

Add an opt-out rule(s)

Head to your Salesforce settings in Sendbloom and turn the toggle on for opt-out rules. To add a rule, choose the Field that you'd like us to check (i.e. Status) and specify the Value we should look for (i.e. Do Not Contact). With this rule, any prospect that has Do Not Contact as Lead Status will not receive a Sendbloom email. Save your settings to add your new rule(s) to your Sendbloom account.