Connecting a non-Salesforce CRM

If you are using a CRM other than Salesforce, you likely can still log Sendbloom emails in your platform. 

If your CRM integrates with your email inbox and automatically logs emails you send for contacts uploaded to your platform:

As Sendbloom sends directly from your email account and server, your CRM will automatically log all Sendbloom emails to the contacts uploaded to your CRM platform. No need to further integrate your CRM with Sendbloom.

If your CRM provides a BCC (blind carbon copy) address to automatically log emails with the BCC in your platform:

Many CRMs have the functionality to log emails for contacts when an email associated with the CRM account (BCC email) is added as a BCC to any email. If the CRM you use has this functionality, you can typically find the BCC address in the settings in your CRM platform.

To connect your CRM to Sendbloom, add your BCC email in Other CRM. Once connected, all emails sent through Sendbloom will add this email address as a BCC to log activity in your CRM.