Which merge tags are available for my campaign?

Which merge tags are available for my campaign?

The merge tags that are available for a campaign are the set of merge tags common to all prospects added to the campaign. Every prospect must have a value for a given data field to be used as a merge tag (note: blanks do not count). First name is the only exception here - {{first_name}} is available for all campaigns regardless of whether or not each prospect has first name data.

For example, if one prospect in your list does not have a value for title, {{Title}} will not be available as a merge tag for this campaign. Every prospect in a campaign must have a value for a given merge tag to be available for templates or segmenting. 

{{Email}} and {{first_name}} would be the two merge tags available for the campaign for the list of prospects below:

Can I see which merge tags are available before creating a campaign? 

Yep! Hover over the shopping tag icon in Prospects after selecting prospects and clicking ‘Add to new campaign’ - these merge tags are the merge tags you can use when creating  Segments or Touches and are the set of data that all of the prospects in your selection own. 

A custom merge tag was not available for my campaign because at least one of the prospects had incomplete data. How do I fix this so I can use the {{custom merge tag}} in Segments or Touches?

1. Open your original .csv list uploaded to Sendbloom

2. Check that the data column you'd like to use as a {{custom merge tag}} is filled out for every prospect. (A quick way to do this is to sort the data in your spreadsheet by this column, so any blanks end up at the top or bottom of the list and are easily identified).

3. Fill in any blanks with appropriate data (or remove those prospects from the list altogether). 

4. Upload your list to Sendbloom Prospects. You're all set to create your campaign!