What is the difference between Brand New, Duplicate, and Existing Campaigns?

After selecting your initial prospect(s) for your campaign and clicking Add to New Campaign, you're given the option to create a Brand New campaign, Duplicate a campaign, or add prospects to an Existing Campaign. 

Brand New 

Choosing Brand New will allow you to create a campaign from scratch. You'll be able to define segments for the first time, creating email content from scratch, and determine all the timing for your campaign. For more information about creating Brand New campaigns, check out our  Step by Step Guide


Choosing Duplicate will allow you to duplicate a campaign you or a teammate have run in the past. The Duplicate will have a completely different set of prospects, but you'll start with the same segments, touches, and timing from the original campaign. You'll still have the option to make edits before submitting your campaign. 


Choosing Existing will allow you to add a new set of prospects to a campaign that you've already run or are currently running. Just pick a campaign and start date and we'll automatically start sending each prospect touch points from your campaign. 

As you're adding prospects to a campaign you already have setup, all statistics on this campaign (replies, opens, clicks, etc.) will aggregate in Campaigns Manager in your original campaign.