Add list of prospects from a spreadsheet (.csv file) in Sendbloom

When your CSV file is ready to upload, click ‘Add Prospects’ in Prospects and upload your list. Sendbloom will store all columns as data fields for each prospect (i.e. Title, Industry, Location, etc.) and prospect data will be available to be used as merge tags in your campaign (i.e. Hi {{first_name}}). 

After uploading your .csv file:

  • Rename your list (optional) - give your list a nickname that details your prospects (i.e. SF Blitz),
  • Standard data fields map to CSV columns automatically - Sendbloom will automatically map standard fields (Email, First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone Number) with column headers with similar names. If we don't map a column, feel free to make any changes by selecting from any dropdown (note: all other data columns will be uploaded with your prospects and will be saved according to your column data headers, i.e. "Title").
  • Click Add Prospects - and you’re done!

Pro tip: Data for any prospect can be viewed and edited by clicking on the prospect’s email in Prospects and selecting ‘Data’ in the prospect’s window panel.

Don’t see your list? You can view prospects in any list with Filter by List or Campaign in Prospects.