Create a campaign: Step-by-Step

Start Building your Campaign: Upload and Select your Prospects

To create a campaign, select the prospects you’d like to add to this campaign in  Prospects and click 'Add to New Campaign' to begin building your campaign.

If the prospects for this campaign are not in Sendbloom yet, you can add contacts to Prospects in three ways (details in related articles below):

  1. Upload a list of prospects in a .csv
  2. Manually add a prospect in Sendbloom (one at a time) 
  3. Add prospects from Salesforce from any lead or contact report or view (with Chrome extension)

Three Steps to Submit a Campaign: Setup, Segments, and Touches

After selecting prospects and adding them to a new campaign, you're ready to build your campaign with three simple steps (note you can duplicate any teammate's campaign): 

  1. Update your Setup settings (optional),
  2. Define Segments (optional), and
  3. Add Touches (necessary, but feel free to borrow a trusted colleague's template).

Submit your Campaign

After you've added all of the Touches to your campaign and sent your  test emails, go ahead and Submit Campaign! 

You will receive a confirmation page when your campaign is successfully submitted. Once submitted, you can review your campaign in Campaigns (and then start brainstorming your next campaign!) 

If your campaign sent out fewer emails than expected, we probably needed to  batch your campaign into a more manageable size. Don't worry, we'll still contact each one of your prospects until we reach everyone!

Review Campaign Results

Stay tuned for replies in your inbox once your campaign starts sending. You can  review campaign reply rates, open rates, click rates and bounce rates for your in Campaigns.