Call Recording

The Basics

If you're setup with the Sendbloom Dialer, you can turn on call recording to record all of your Sendbloom calls directly in your completed tasks in Salesforce. If there are certain area codes that you don't want to record calls for, these area codes can be added to your Do Not Record list.

Where can I access my team's call recordings?

If you have call recording enabled, all of your calls through the Sendbloom dialer will be automatically logged as part of your completed call task in the "Comments" section. Click on the link to listen to the entire call. 

Who can access call recordings? 

Anyone with access to Salesforce has access to the recording links. That said, anyone with the link can listen to the recording even if they don't have Salesforce. 

Call recordings are stored in completed tasks, so you can create reports or views to see all call recordings together. Here's an example of the type of activity report you can see in SFDC with all of your call recordings easily accessible (of course, customizable as needed):

Do Not Record List

Some states require "two-party consent" in which both parties need to agree to recording. You also have the ability to turn off call recording for certain states. 

This setting is determined at the organization level, please let your account manager know which states you would like added to the "do-not-record" list.

How do I turn on call recording for my account?

Just send a note to your account manager or email :)