Local Presence

The Basics 

If you're setup with the Sendbloom Dialer, you can turn on local presence so that when you call a prospect, the incoming phone number he/she sees is a phone number in their area code or a nearby area code. 

Local Presence: An Example

For example, if you're based in San Francisco and call someone in Seattle, the prospect in Seattle will receive an incoming call from a 206 area code number (Seattle), even though your area code is 415 (San Francisco) . 

How does it work? 

If you have local presence enabled in the Dialer on the Sendbloom Sidebar (pictured below), we'll make your next call(s) with local presence. If you toggle local presence OFF in the sidebar, your future calls will be made without local presence (until you toggle it back on). You get the picture :)

Pro-tip: we'll use whatever Local Presence setting you have on the Sidebar 

Example: since local presence is disabled currently, when I make a call with the Sendbloom Dialer (from SFDC or manually in the Sidebar), that call will not use local presence. 

Why use local presence? 

Prospects tend to be more likely to answer unknown calls from local numbers, rather than toll-free or long distance phone numbers.

Does local presence work internationally? You bet!

How do I turn on local presence for my account? Just send a note to your account manager or email help@sendbloom.com :)