Track Scheduled Emails with Outbox

The Basics

Use the  Outbox to view which prospects will receive emails from your campaign or a peer's campaigns for any given day or month. If you're a rep, you can also make any edits to outgoing emails. If you're a manager, you can view outgoing emails for any of your reps, too.

In this article: 

Monitor Email Volume and Send Times

Choose a month or a specific day in the future to see exactly how many emails are scheduled and which campaigns they're coming from.  If you've submitted many campaigns, large campaigns, or are having  trouble with batching, Outbox is a great way to get an idea of how many emails are sending and when they'll send. 

Month and Day Views

The month calendar view is a heat map. The darker the green, the more emails that are scheduled to send. This view shows the number of emails (letter icon), the number of prospects (person icon), and the number of campaigns (leaf icon) that are scheduled to send each day.

You can click into a specific day to see in more details what is scheduled to send. This view shows the time of day, the specific prospect, and what campaign the email is sending from.

Search by Campaign, Prospect or Account

If you've got your eye on one particular prospects, campaign or account, use the search bar to locate emails going out to specific prospect or emails being sent from a specific campaign. 

Edit Scheduled Emails 

1. Search for a prospect, campaign, or account and edit and/or reschedule individual emails. Simply click on the email, or the pencil icon (far right), to edit/reschedule content for a specific prospect.

2. Click "Edit/Reschedule" and edit the email content or the sending time.

3. When you are happy with the changes select "Save Changes"

4. Use the "Cadence Browser" (top right corner) to see and edit future touches for this prospect. Simply select "Jump to touch" and make your updates.

View Your Team's Outbox

Use the drop down menu next to your name to select a specific teammate(s) to view.