Migrating from Gmail to O365

Action Steps to Migrate your Account from Gmail to O365

Step 1: Authorize your O365 account in Sendbloom

Step 2: Resume your campaigns

Step 3: Manually mark replies for the next 4 weeks

Step 4: Understand the differences between O365 and Gmail


Step 1: Authorize your O365 account in Sendbloom

1. Click here to access your email settings in Sendbloom

2. Click Microsoft Exchange

3. Enter in details of your O365 login:

  • Email / Username: [your O365 login email, i.e. creynolds@linkedin.biz]
  • Password: [the password you use to login to O365]

4. Click Authenticate 

5. Once you receive confirmation that you're connected, you're all set!

Step 2: Resume your campaigns

Once you've connected your Exchange email to Sendbloom (Step 1), resume any campaigns that you'd like to continue sending. Sendbloom will have paused all active campaigns to facilitate the switch of your email from Gmail to Exchange. 

Step 3: Manually mark replies for the next 4 weeks

If you resume any of your campaigns that were paused during the migration (Step 2), be sure to manually remove prospects that reply from receiving future touches for the next four weeks. 

Sendbloom may not be able to detect replies from campaigns that began sending with Gmail and finished sending with Exchange, so it's best to manually remove prospects that reply to ensure they are being pulled from the campaign.

Step 4: Understand the differences between O365 and Gmail

1. Reply detection 

Replies must be in the inbox (not another folder or subfolder) to be detected and removed from the campaign.  Keep your replies in your Inbox for up to 7 minutes to ensure Sendbloom can catch the reply and remove the prospect from your campaign. Replies that are deleted or in your spam folder may not be detected.

[62a7628c936a37bd50dad550cc8f2ca1>_Image 2017-05-24 at 4.51.28 PM.png

Pro Tip: Collect all of your replies in your inbox during the day and move them to other folders at the end of the day.

2. Using Sendbloom 1-to-1

Good news! The same 1-to-1 workflow you’ve used in Gmail is available in  Salesforce and anywhere in Chrome from our Sidebar. There is no 1-to-1 button in O365.

[fd9a0972335aef8385ac51536cc3ffa3>_Image 2017-05-24 at 5.30.46 PM.png


What happens if I forget to connect my new O365 email to Sendbloom? 

You will not be able to send any Sendbloom campaigns until you connect your new Exchange email.

Do I need to download a new extension?

Nope! The  Chrome extension is the same. You can access 1-to-1 in Salesforce or from the Sendbloom Sidebar.

Can I log or track emails I send by hand from Outlook?

No. This is a  Gmail specific feature. All emails that are part of Sendbloom Campaigns will still be logged in Salesforce and tracked in Sendbloom if you’ve enabled tracking for your campaign and connected your Salesforce account.