Accessing Email Templates in the Sidebar

The basics

Access templates from our sidebar and copy them into emails, LinkedIn, or anywhere! Make sure you've  installed our Chrome Extension in order to see this feature! 

How to choose and copy a template

  1. Open the sidebar by clicking on our logo in the top right corner of Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the Templates tab to pull up a list of all available templates in our sidebar. 
  3. Choose a folder to view a list of templates.
  4. Hovering over any template will cause a blue "Copy" button to appear. Click "Copy" to automatically add the template to your clipboard.
  5. Paste the template into emails, LinkedIn InMails, or anywhere you'd like. Tip - use keyboard shortcuts to quickly paste templates (Command + V on Macs, Control + V on PCs)

Can I create new templates and/or edit existing templates in the Sidebar? 

Brand new templates must still be created directly in your Sendbloom account. You can edit existing templates by clicking into any template in the Sidebar and then clicking on the blue and white Sendbloom logo. That will automatically open a new Sendbloom window where you can edit and save the template.