Viewing and Completing Tasks in the Task Manager

The basics

View and complete tasks directly from our Sidebar instead of logging into Salesforce. We'll present a list of open tasks for the day and allow you to work through them straight from Sendbloom. 

How do I find the task manager? 

You'll see a tab called Today's Tasks in our Sidebar (you can access the Sidebar by clicking on our Chrome Extension). 

Tip: Make sure you've  connected your Salesforce account and downloaded our Chrome Extension before trying to access the task manager or Sidebar. 

What tasks are displayed in the task manager? 

Any Salesforce task from your Sendbloom campaigns that has a due date of today will show under Open Tasks. As you start to work through tasks, we'll automatically move them to the Completed Tasks section.

Don't forget, you can  automatically create Salesforce tasks (reminders to call, send LinkedIn InMail, or any custom task) as part of your campaigns! 

How do I complete or dismiss a task? 

Hover over any task to complete it or dismiss it. Click on the red "X" to dismiss a task. Dismissing a task will move it to the dismissed task section. The due date in Salesforce and the task manager will remain today's date. Click on the green checkmark to mark a task as complete. This will automatically complete the task in Salesforce and move the task to the Completed tasks section of the task manager. 

Click the back arrow to get back to the main task view. 

Completing call tasks with the Sendbloom Dialer

If you have our  Salesforce integrated dialer, you can complete your call tasks directly from the Task Manager as well as from Salesforce. Just click the Phone icon on the task and we'll grab the prospect's phone number from Salesforce and initiate a call. Once your call is complete, record the disposition and notes just like you normally would. We'll automatically complete the task in both Salesforce and the Task Manager