Inserting ClearSlide links into Campaign Emails

The basics

Connecting your ClearSlide account to Sendbloom allows us to access any presentations available in your ClearSlide account. When building emails in Sendbloom, you'll see a ClearSlide button that allows you to choose presentations and insert links to them directly in your emails. Each inserted link will be unique to the recipient, combining the tailored persistence of Sendbloom campaigns with the content interaction analytics available in ClearSlide. 

Insert ClearSlide Links - Step-by-Step

1. Connect your ClearSlide account to your Sendbloom account. 

2. Follow the usual steps to choose prospects and create a new campaign

3. In the touches builder, click the ClearSlide button to choose a presentation. 

 4. Choose a presentation from your existing content in ClearSlide and tell us what text should appear as a link to your presentation. 

5. Your content will appear as a unique linked presentation in each email sent as a part of your Sendbloom campaign. Track campaign progress as usual directly in Sendbloom and track presentation analytics directly in ClearSlide for each prospect that clicks through your link.