Connecting ClearSlide

The basics

Authorize Sendbloom to integrate with your ClearSlide account on the  Integrations page. Once you connect Sendbloom and ClearSlide, you'll be able to pull content from ClearSlide directly into your Sendbloom campaign emails. 

Connect your ClearSlide account - Step-by-Step (ClearSlide Admin only)

1. Navigate to the  Integrations section of your Sendbloom account. 

2. Click Connect and login to your ClearSlide account (must be an admin on the ClearSlide account)

3. You're done! Everyone on your team will now have access.

Overview of ClearSlide integration

Connecting your ClearSlide account to Sendbloom allows us to access any presentations available in your ClearSlide account. When building emails in Sendbloom, you'll see a ClearSlide button that allows you to choose presentations and insert links to them directly in your emails. Each inserted link will be unique to the recipient, combining the tailored persistence of Sendbloom campaigns with the content interaction analytics available in ClearSlide.