Sync Email Bounces with Salesforce

The Basics

Automatically pass email bounce information to Salesforce using our integration. Whenever someone tries to contact a prospect with an invalid email address, Sendbloom will update the corresponding lead or contact in Salesforce.

If you currently have a version of Salesforce that includes API access, you can connect integrate Salesforce with Sendbloom in your Salesforce settings.

How do I sync bounces to our Salesforce account? 

You're able to toggle on Sync Bounces with Salesforce directly in your Salesforce settings. Bounce syncing can only be added and modified by a Team Leader account. 

Once you toggle on Sync Bounces with Salesforce, Sendbloom will prompt you to tell us where we should log information about email bounces. By default, we'll use the "Email Bounced Reason" field in Salesforce. If you'd like to use a different field, you can do so by choosing another field from the dropdown menus in the "Field" column. Each dropdown will populate with a list of all the available fields in your Salesforce account. We'll prompt you to choose a field on both the lead and contact records.

In the example above, we've configured Sendbloom to pass the value "Invalid Email Address" to the "Email Bounced Reason" field on both leads and contacts. Once we detect an email bounce from a campaign, we'll automatically pass the bounce information to the lead or contact in Salesforce.