Tips for international users: uploading a prospect list

Converting a file with international characters from a .xls file to a .csv

If your spreadsheet has international characters, you might notice that Excel does not preserve letters or accents when you save your .xls file as a .csv file in Excel. 

Characters may look different than the ones you originally uploaded. Andrés suddenly looks like Andrés:

Fortunately, Google Sheets has a handy trick that will allow you to successfully save down a .csv with all characters in tact. 
Here's how you can save a .csv file that will preserve your characters:
1. Open your .xls file in Excel (or other spreadsheet tool)
2. Copy data and paste your prospect data into a new spreadsheet in  Google Sheets
3. In Google sheets, click File--->Download As and select comma separated file (.csv)

4. Upload this new .csv file to  Sendbloom Prospects

Note: if you open the new .csv in Excel, the characters will look strange. Data is saved correctly, but Excel does not show it correctly in .csv format. Just upload the .csv file you get from Google Sheets (no need to open in Excel), and you should be all set.