What is Domain Awareness?

The basics

Domain Awareness is a campaign-level setting that will automatically remove prospects from your campaign if someone else at their company has replied. This setting is configured on a per campaign basis and does not apply to every campaign you run in Sendbloom.

How does Domain Awareness work?

By default, your campaign will have Domain Awareness turned off in  Setup. Turning Domain Awareness on will automatically remove prospects from your campaign once you've received a reply from another prospect with the same domain.

Keeping Domain Awareness to its default (off) will continue to send touches to all prospects that have not  replied to you, even if one prospect at the same domain has responded. You'll still have the option to opt someone out of your campaign or been manually remove them. 

Domain Awareness: an Example

Let's say you're looking to start a conversation with LinkedIn or Dropbox and add 5 contacts from each account to your Best Blooms campaign. 

If you turn Domain Awareness On: As soon as one prospect replies from LinkedIn, all other four prospects with @linkedin.com email addresses in your Best Blooms campaign will be removed from receiving future touches from that campaign. Of course, you can always add them to another campaign later if you'd like. 

If you keep Domain Awareness Off (Default): All prospects will remain in the campaign until they reply, are opted out (via SFDC SettingsUnsubscribe Links, or Sendbloom Opt Out), or manually removed

When should I use Domain Awareness? 

If you message multiple contacts at an account and want to ensure you're not continuing to follow up with other prospects at the same account once you've received a reply from one prospect at that company. 

How do I turn on Domain Awareness

Once you've  selected your prospects and started creating a campaign, you'll be taken to the Build Summary page (screenshot below). 

1. On the Build Summary page, choose Setup to adjust the settings for this campaign. 

2. On the Setup page, click the toggle to turn on Domain Awareness. 

Build your  touches and finalize your campaign - Sendbloom will take over from there!