What is the Reply Detection campaign setting?

The basics

By default, Sendbloom detects replies and will  remove anyone who replies to your email messages from the next touches in your campaign. Turning off Reply Detection will leave a prospect in a campaign even if they reply to an email. This setting is configured on a per campaign basis and does not apply to every campaign you run in Sendbloom.

Why would I want to turn off Reply Detection? 

You should turn off Reply Detection when you want a prospect to receive all messages in your email cadence, regardless of if they reply. We like to call these "Keep Warm" campaigns to continue to nurture your prospect or customer.

Examples: monthly newsletters, product updates, onboarding tips and tricks, etc. 

How do I turn off Reply Detection? 

Once you've  selected your prospects and started creating a campaign, you'll be taken to the Build Summary page (screenshot below). 

1. On the Build Summary page, choose Setup to adjust the settings for this campaign. 

2. On the Setup page, click the slider button to turn off Reply Detection. 

Build your  touches and finalize your campaign - Sendbloom will take over from there! 

Will Sendbloom still detect replies, opens, and clicks for campaigns with Reply Detection turned off? 

Yes! Sendbloom will still track replies, opens and clicks for those campaigns. You can find reply, open, and click data on the  campaigns manager page. Also, don't forget about our real-time open & click feed in the sidebar.