Making calls from Salesforce with the Sendbloom Dialer

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The Basics

With the Sendbloom Dialer, you can call any phone number in Salesforce with one click and automatically log any call notes to Salesforce. Top used Sendbloom Dialer features include: 

Once you've clicked on a number in Salesforce we'll initiate a call between you and your prospect. The details of your phone call will appear in our Sidebar window where you can also log details about your call directly to Salesforce as a completed task. 

How do I enable the dialer for my team? 

Contact your  Customer Success Manager to enable the Sendbloom Dialer for your team.

How do I make calls from Salesforce? 

1. Click any phone number in Salesforce. You can click to call from the lead/contact page, an open call task, or any lead/contact view. 

2. Sendbloom will initiate a phone call between you and the prospect. We'll dial out to your phone first (if you're not still on the line), then we'll dial out to your prospect. Remember 3-Way Calling? It works just like that!

3. Log your call details to Salesforce directly from the Sendbloom Sidebar. If you connected with them, click "  Remove from ongoing Sendbloom Campaigns" to remove them from getting future touches in their Sendbloom. Click Save Activity.

4. That's it! We've logged your call notes in a completed task for you on the lead or contact. You can view any completed calls in your Activity History section of a lead or contact (or any Salesforce report).

How do I work through my list of open call tasks from my Sendbloom Campaigns?

If you've got an open call reminder from one of your Sendbloom campaigns, you can close out this activity by working in Sendbloom's Task Manager or directly from the Salesforce task. After completing the call, we'll close out the task for you and log all call notes as usual.

1. To call from an open task right in your  Task Manager in your Sendbloom Sidebar, just click the phone icon in Today's Tasks:

2. To call from the Open Task in SFDC, click the phone icon in the Salesforce task:

I just want to call prospects that are opening and clicking on my Sendbloom campaign emails. Can I do that?

We thought you'd never ask :) Our customers love calling the most engaged prospects when they have to choose who to call.

1. Click the Sendbloom logo in the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser (or view more extensions if needed) to view your Sendbloom Sidebar  

2. Click Feed. Most recent opens and clicks are at the top of your feed. 

3. Click on any prospect's name in the feed to go directly to their Salesforce lead/contact record to call them, email them, etc.!

4. Search by prospect, account or campaign or view your "hot" leads

Use the search bar to filter only the prospect, account, or campaign to call down a list of everyone in a campaign or at an account that's been reading or clicking on your emails. Use this as a call list!

Click the flame (top right corner), to see your "hot leads" (those who have opened/clicked an email at least 5 times in the last 48 hours) to call those that are most actively engaging with your campaigns.