Unsubscribe Links

What is an Unsubscribe Link?

Unsubscribe Links give prospects the opportunity to opt out of further messaging from the sender without needing to reply by clicking "Unsubscribe" or your customized link. Sendbloom can also update appropriate fields on the Salesforce record to ensure Salesforce also reflects the prospect opting out (optional, but recommended).

When enabled in your account, Unsubscribe Links will automatically appear below the signature of all Sendbloom emails your team sends.

What happens when a prospect clicks my Unsubscribe Link?

Once a prospect clicks the link, they'll be redirected to a browser page confirming that they've been unsubscribed (pictured below). Sendbloom will automatically cancel all scheduled emails from that sender to the prospect. The sender can still add this prospect to future campaigns if they would like to do so. 

If you'd like to ensure your team is not contacting that prospect again, Sync Unsubscribes with Salesforce and incorporate a corresponding  Opt Out rule (more details below).

Enabling and Customizing your Unsubscribe Snippet

Enable the unsubscribe snippet in your  Account Settings to add unsubscribe links in your team's email campaigns. Unsubscribe Links can be added and altered only by a Team Leader account.

By default, Sendbloom will include the following text when you enable Unsubscribe Snippet. Feel free to send a  test email to see how it will look underneath your team's email signatures.

Turning the unsubscribe feature on will also allow you to customize your unsubscribe text:

Sync Unsubscribes with Salesforce

Sync Unsubscribes with Salesforce if you'd like to ensure your team is not contacting a prospect that previously Unsubscribed in the future. Here's how you can set this up:

  1. From your Salesforce settings, enable the option to Sync Unsubscribes with Salesforce.
  2. Choose appropriate Salesforce fields on Leads and Contacts to update when prospects click the Unsubscribe Link in your Salesforce settings (all Lead and Contact records with a matching primary email address will be updated).
    1. In the example above, we updated Do Not Call on both the Contact and Lead records to True.
  3. Add a corresponding Opt Out rule in Sendbloom to cancel all future emails to prospects that have a given value in the field from Step 1. 
    1. Example: Opt Opt all leads or contacts that have Do Not Call = True.