Salesforce Configuration Settings

The basics

With  full Salesforce integration, you can customize your team's settings to determine what Sendbloom will and will not update in Salesforce in your Sendbloom settings

Salesforce configuration settings can be saved at the team and individual level. Team level settings apply for all users in your team, although users can add additional object field rules or opt out rules of their own.

Log Sendbloom Activity
Allow Sendbloom to create and update leads in Salesforce and log email activity to leads or contacts as completed tasks. You can customize how Sendbloom logs tasks with object field rules.
Call task creation is not affected by this setting. You will still be able to add  non-email touch types to your cadence and have Sendbloom create them in Salesforce if you turn this setting off. 
Create New Leads
If a prospect included in a Sendbloom campaign does not already exist in Salesforce, Sendbloom will create a lead record in Salesforce for you. Sendbloom will create a lead using the email address, name, and company name included in the prospect's Sendbloom record. 
Update Leads or Contacts
Allow Sendbloom to update lead information when you send emails as part of a campaign. You're able to  configure object field rules that designate exactly how Sendbloom updates your leads. 
Search Leads Before Contacts
When logging emails or creating tasks for a prospect, Sendbloom will search for a lead record for that prospect before searching for an contact record. If a lead record exists, we'll update it. If no lead record exists, we'll update the contact instead. 
If you'd like Sendbloom to search for contacts before leads, toggle this setting off.
Check Ownership of Leads and Contacts
Sendbloom will check the owner of a lead or contact in Salesforce before sending an email to that lead or contact as part of a campaign. 
If someone adds a lead or contact that they do not own in Salesforce to a campaign, Sendbloom will automatically opt that prospect out of the campaign similar to an opt-out rule
Sync Bounces with Salesforce
Opt-Out Rules
Create opt-out rules that prevent Sendbloom from emailing leads or contacts that meet the criteria you define (an "opt-out rule"). Click  here for more information about creating and managing opt-out rules. 
Object Field Rules

Add one or more object field rules (e.g. (Status, In Contact), (Contact Method, Sendbloom)) and Sendbloom will include that field and value when creating a lead, task, or call task, or updating lead statuses.