Why didn't my prospect receive an email?

The basics

If you added a prospect to a campaign and he did not receive a scheduled Sendbloom email, there are a few possibilities of why they weren't emailed. The prospect was either:

How can I see who was opted out from my campaign?

You can view any prospects that were opted out of your campaign in your Campaign details page. Use the dropdown under your prospects to select prospects that were  opted out via Salesforceopted out via Sendbloom, or manually removed from your campaign.

Opted Out via Salesforce

If you or your team leader has setup Salesforce opt out rules or check Salesforce ownership settings, some of your prospects may be automatically removed from your campaigns and show as "Opted out via SFDC Rules" in your Campaign details page (pictured above).

Opted Out via Sendbloom

If you have  opted out any prospects on the Prospects page, these prospects will automatically be removed from your campaigns and show as "Opted out via Sendbloom" in your Campaign details page (pictured above for SFDC opt out).

Prospects that have been opted out of all future campaigns will have a red "X" next to their email address in the  Prospects tab. If a prospect was opted out in error or should be able to receive future email communication via campaigns, you can opt them back in from the Prospects section. 

Manually removed from Campaign

At any time, you can  manually remove or delete prospects from all current campaigns. Once removed, they can be added to additional campaigns later, but any emails scheduled before manually removing or deleting them will be canceled for that prospect. Manually removed from campaign will also include prospects that have clicked your unsubscribe link, as Sendbloom will automatically remove them from your campaign.

You can view all prospects manually removed or deleted from your campaign by selecting "Manually removed from campaign" in your Campaign details page (pictured above for Opted Out via SFDC).

Email Batching

Sendbloom  automatically batches your emails into groups of 100 per touch point. If your prospect did not receive an email on the day you thought they would, they may be scheduled in a later batch. 

You can view when your prospects are scheduled to receive Touch 1 in your Campaign details page by filtering by Scheduled to Receive Touch (pictured below).

Engagement Rules

If your team or organization has implemented engagement rules, your prospects can have their next touch rescheduled if other teammates have been reaching out to the same prospect email and/or domain within the designated time frame. Engagement rules are setup to ensure no prospect or domain is emailed too frequently across a team or organization using Sendbloom and may push out emails to the next best date if other teammates are contacting the same prospect and/or domain in a given timeframe. You can check if your team has engagement rules setup here