How do I view in depth open, click, and reply data?

The Basics

Sendbloom will track open, click, and reply data for all prospects that are part of a Sendbloom campaign or have open & click tracking enabled through our Gmail extension. This data is housed in both the prospect record and the overall campaign. 

Where can I view opens, clicks, and replies for a campaign? 

Locate a campaign in Sendbloom that is currently in progress or has been completed. Click on the name of the campaign or the three blue dots in the campaign overview to take a deeper look at your campaign performance. 

Click on any of the campaign statistics to view each prospect that replied, opened your email, or clicked on a link. This page will also show you which touch they acted on and the exact date and time of the action. Click on the Aggregate tab to view stats by touch point instead of overall campaign stats. 

Where can I view opens, clicks, and replies for a specific prospect? 

Click on any prospect's name in the Prospects section of Sendbloom to view previous and scheduled email touches, opens, link clicks, and replies. Use the filters at the top of the Prospects page to find just the prospects that meet certain criteria like opening or replying to an email.