Campaigns Manager

The Basics

Sendbloom's new Campaign Overview page allows you to view campaigns and campaign performance across your entire organization. Filter to view your peers' active and completed campaigns. Dig into statistics to find campaigns and teams that out-perform the rest! 

How do I view my teammate's campaigns?

Scope will determine how much of your organization's campaign information you view at a time. Designate your scope to view just your campaigns, campaigns across an entire Sendbloom team or organization, or campaigns from specific teammates. Choose from any of these filters to view the campaigns you'd like to see:

  • View my campaigns 
  • View my organization's campaigns by team - view campaigns across any Sendbloom team or organization
  • View my organization's campaigns by individual - view campaigns for specific teammates. Choose from a drop down list or search for someone by name. 

View the Campaigns that Matter Most

  • Filter by Stats and Properties to look at campaigns with the best reply, open, or click rates. 
  • Choose campaigns of specific size or complexity by filtering on number of prospects and segments. 
  • Click on any campaign name to view the cadence of touch points

How do I duplicate the best campaigns?

  • Once you've found a campaign (yours or your teammates!) that you want to duplicate, click the three blue dots to duplicate that campaign

Review Campaign Progress and Performance 

  • Hover over the number of prospects to view details about a campaign's progress. See how many prospects are still have a scheduled touch point, how many already completed your campaign, and anyone who was removed or opted out. 
  • View reply, open, and click rates for all campaigns from the main page. 
  • Click on a campaign's name to view cadence for emails and calls as well as the template for each email.