Connecting Salesforce (enterprise/unlimited)

Connect your Salesforce account

Authorize your SFDC account here in CRM Integration - Salesforce to automatically log all Sendbloom emails in Salesforce. 

Connect your Salesforce account - Step-by-Step

1. Go to your Salesforce settings in Sendbloom  here

2. Click Connect and login to your Salesforce account

3. Click Allow

Overview of SFDC integration

If your Salesforce account is Enterprise or Unlimited edition (or includes API access), your Sendbloom account can fully integrate with Salesforce. Full integration includes our  Chrome extension and the following default advanced Salesforce settings that can be customized in your Sendbloom account:

  • Log Sendbloom Activity - log Sendbloom emails as completed tasks and create call tasks for Touches that are phone calls (toggle off to not log Sendbloom emails or create call tasks)
  • Create New Leads - create a new lead to log email and call task activities if there is no associated lead or contact in Salesforce with the same email (toggle off if you do not want Sendbloom to create leads in these cases). Sendbloom will search for the prospect's email; if no lead or contact record exists in Salesforce where Email = prospect email, Sendbloom will create a lead with name, email and company as provided to Sendbloom. All other lead fields can be customized with lead Object Field Rules (i.e. Lead Source = "Sendbloom).
  • Update Leads - update Lead Status according to the Lead Status field rule (default is "Working - Contacted via Sendbloom") when any Sendbloom email is sent (toggle off if you do not want Sendbloom to update Lead Status)
  • Check Ownership of Leads and Contacts - Sendbloom will check the owner of a lead or contact in Salesforce before sending an email to that lead or contact as part of a campaign. If someone adds a lead or contact that they do not own in Salesforce to a campaign, Sendbloom will automatically opt that prospect out of the campaign. When viewing a campaign the prospect will appear as "opted out via SFDC rules". 
  • Opt-out Rules - do not send Sendbloom emails to a prospect that meets any opt-out rule. Toggle on to create one or more custom opt-out rules in the format (Field, Value) to check any field on the prospect's contact or lead page before sending a Sendbloom email, i.e. (Email Opt Out, True) or (Status, Do Not Contact). Any prospect that meets one or more opt-out rules will not receive Sendbloom emails
  • Object Field Rules - set any field associated with a lead or task when a lead, call task or task is created or lead status is updated (toggle off if you do not want to customize how Sendbloom logs emails or creates leads or call tasks and do not want to update Lead Status when a Sendbloom email is sent)