Track opens/clicks and log activity in Salesforce for any email sent in Gmail

The basics

Track opens and clicks and/or log activity in Salesforce for any email you send in Gmail - not just those sent as part of your Sendbloom campaigns

For any email you send by hand in Gmail, choose if you'd like to:

  • track if anyone opens or clicks a link in your email, and/or
  • log your email in Salesforce to the lead or contact based on your SFDC settings

Do I need anything to track my one-off emails?

Just the Sendbloom Chrome extension. You can download it  here if you don't have it yet. 

If you have our Chrome extension but you aren't seeing the Sendbloom button in Gmail, try refreshing the page or logging out and back into Gmail. 

Track and Log Activity from Gmail (step-by-step):

1. Compose an email in Gmail (just like you normally would)

2. Click on the Sendbloom icon next to the Send button (see screenshot below)

3. Choose whether or not you would like to enable  Open/Click Tracking and/or SFDC Logging for this particular email

4. That's it! Compose and send your message as usual. We'll take care of tracking opens/clicks and logging the email in Salesforce.

How do I review opens and clicks? 

You can review opens and clicks real time with the Sendbloom Chrome extension by clicking on the Sendbloom logo in the top right hand corner of your browser window.

Opens and clicks tracked by a one off email will just have the contact's email address listed in the extension window. Opens and clicks being tracked by a campaign in Sendbloom will have the campaign name listed below the contact's email address. You can click on any lead in your feed to be taken directly to their page in Salesforce (requires SFDC integration).

How do I review activity logged in Salesforce by Sendbloom? 

Sendbloom will create and update lead or contact records based on your email activity in Gmail. Each task created by Sendbloom will have [Sendbloom] in the title followed by your email subject line.  

You can customize how Sendbloom creates tasks and updates leads and contacts through  Salesforce object field rules

How do I set my default settings for open & click tracking and Salesforce logging to On or Off? 

You can change your default settings for one off logging and tracking in the  Chrome extension section of your Sendbloom account. 

For example, toggling both preferences to ON in your Settings will set the tracking and/or logging setting in Gmail to "ON" by default going forward (pictured below). If you'd like to opt out of tracking or logging, you can always click the Sendbloom logo in your email and uncheck either or both options for that one email.

I love this feature! Is this available for Exchange/Outlook users? Yes our Outlook Add-In just hit Microsoft AppSource. Click here for more info.