Where did my Chrome extension / Sendbloom button go?

This article will help you get your Chrome extension back (including Sendbloom 1-to-1 and Add to Prospects buttons) if you no longer see these buttons showing up in SFDC.

If you haven't downloaded the Chrome extension before, you can download it  here to install the Sendbloom button in Gmail and/or Salesforce.

If you have   downloaded the Chrome extension before and no longer see your Sendbloom buttons in Salesforce, Gmail or Outlook, there is likely a new version of the extension that requires new permissions. 

There are three ways to re-enable your Chrome extension and accept the new permissions:

1. Automatic prompt in Chrome

When logging into Chrome, you will be prompted to "Re-enable" your Sendbloom extension. Click Re-enable to update your extension to the latest version.

2. Re-enable your extension in your Chrome Settings

1. On your Chrome browser, click three vertical dots for "More"

2. Select More tools ---> Extensions

3. Un-check Enabled next to the Sendbloom extension

Your extension will now look grayed out.

4. Check Enable next to the Sendbloom extension - you're all set!

3. Re-install the Chrome extension

1. On your Chrome browser, click three vertical dots for "More"

2. Select More tools ---> Extensions

3. Click Extensions on the panel on the left

4. Click the trashcan icon to delete the Sendbloom extension

5. Click  here to download the Sendbloom extension

6. Click Add to Chrome - you're ready to bloom!