Why is my open and click rate 0%?

If your tracking is turned off for any campaign, Sendbloom will not track opens or links clicks. 

How do I tell if my campaigns have tracking turned on or off?

Hover over the email open icon under any campaign name in Campaigns Manager

Where do I choose to turn tracking off for a specific campaign? 

When you create or duplicate a campaign, you can turn tracking ON or OFF in Setup.

How do I update my account settings to always have tracking on for new campaigns? 

Update your default setting for tracking in your  Sending Preferences to ON. 

Please note that if you duplicate a teammate's campaign that has tracking turned OFF, be sure to switch tracking to ON for that campaign in  Setup if you'd like your campaign to use tracking.

Can I turn on tracking for live campaigns?

If your campaign has not started sending yet, you can revert it to a draft and update tracking settings to ON or OFF in  Setup

Once the campaign has started sending, tracking settings for that campaign cannot be changed, but you can set your default for future campaigns in Sending Preferences.