Live Feed: Track when prospects are opening or clicking on your emails in real-time

The basics

With the  Sendbloom Chrome extension, you can see when prospects are opening and clicking on your emails in real time. Use the search bar to see activity from specific prospects, accounts, or campaigns. Even better yet, use the "hot prospects" (represented by the flame) functionality to see which prospects have opened or clicked your email more than 5 times in the last 48 hours.

If you don't have the extension downloaded, you can get it  here.

Why we love this feature

Many sales teams want to be connecting with the prospects or customers that are engaging with their emails. The Feed aggregates open and click data across all of your campaigns as well as any  one off email you've logged. The search functionality allows you to filter your feed to view only a specific prospect, account or campaign.

See the latest prospects to engage with your campaigns

1. Click on the Sendbloom logo in your Chrome browser (top right hand corner)

2. The Sendbloom Sidebar will pop up as a new window

3. Click on Feed to see the live feed! Most recent opens and clicks are at the top of your feed. 

How can I best use the live feed to help me know who to call? 

1. Use the search bar to filter only the prospect, account, or campaign to call down a list of everyone in a campaign or at an account that's been reading or clicking on your emails.

2. Want to just call those that have been most active most recently across all of your campaigns? Click the flame (top right corner), to see your "hot leads" (those who have opened/clicked an email at least 5 times in the last 48 hours).

3. Click on any prospect's name in the feed to go directly to their Salesforce lead/contact record to call them, email them, etc.!

What does 8 min ago (12) mean?

For example, opened an email 12 times (most recent open was 8 minutes ago).