I uploaded a list, but only some (or none) of the prospects are uploaded?

If you upload a .csv list to  Prospects and only some of the prospects are showing up, there could be a few reasons for this:

  • Sendbloom will not upload duplicate prospects - if two rows contain the same email, Sendbloom will only upload one prospect to prevent duplicate records
  • Prospects might have an error - if the prospects you uploaded from a .csv file or salesforce report contain invalid characters or malformed emails, these prospects will not show up under the filter "is campaign ready." 

To see if any of your prospects have errors,  filter by your list name in Prospects and click on the "is campaign ready" filter and select "has errors" 

Click on the prospect email to correct any invalid characters or emails. After errors are fixed, that prospect will now be in "is campaign ready" and you can  select them to add to your campaign