Editing your signature with HTML

If your email signature isn't copying over correctly or doesn't look right when you send yourself a  test email, use HTML code to get your signature just right:

  1. Click into the text box to add your signature in Preferences
  2. Click the <> button (opens black text box for HTML code)
  3. Copy your signature into the text box in a text to HTML editor like this one or this one (update color, font size, etc. as needed)
  4. Click Convert to HTML or <>Source button in HTML editor to generate HTML code for your signature
  5. Copy and paste code into black text box in Sendbloom (from Step 2)
  6. Click <> button again to view formatted signature (white background - not black HTML editor)
  7. Click Save
  8. Send a test email to see what the signature will look like in a Sendbloom email

Note: saving down your email signature in Sending Preferences will automatically add your signature to new Sendbloom campaigns you create.