What is a template score?

The basics

Template scores are a measurement of how successful a template is and are based on the reply rate. 

How is a Score calculated?
A template score is based on reply rates across all the instances that that template has been applied or used (across different users and/or different campaigns). 
What does a Score of 20 mean?
A template Score of 20 means that that template has a 20% reply rate. Similar to a campaign with a 20% reply rate (20% of the prospects in this campaign have responded), a score of 20 on a template means that 20% of the prospects that received this template replied to that touch. 
If I make a change to the template after applying it, will it still count toward the Score?
Yes! If you apply a template when creating your campaign, reply statistics from your campaign will be included in the template score even if you make a change or two.