How do I export a list of prospects I uploaded?

The basics

If you're looking to export the list of prospects you uploaded to Sendbloom (say you just can't find your original .csv list), you can use the export data feature to get the list of prospects and their data you originally uploaded to Sendbloom in  Campaigns.

How to export your list

In Campaigns, click ‘Export Data’ under more options for the campaign associated with the list you uploaded.

Data includes all data uploaded for prospects in this campaign (i.e. company, industry, title) as well as replies, auto-replies, opens, clicks, bounces, and send times (in UTC).

Note: all prospects added to the campaign that were emailed Touch 1 will be compiled in your .csv file. If your campaign is still in the middle of sending out Touch 1 or was paused during Touch 1, only prospects that received a Touch 1 email will be included in this export.