Send custom cadence of touches to a single prospect in Gmail (Sendbloom 1-to-1)

The basics

With Sendbloom 1-to-1, you can send any prospect a customized Sendbloom campaign from within the Gmail web app: click the Sendbloom button in Gmail, select a pre-defined cadence from any of your  campaigns, add recipient data, edit email content (if desired), and then send this customized sequence to the prospect right away or schedule it to send later.

To get started, be sure to download and install the  Sendbloom Chrome extension if you haven't already.

Can I send a Sendbloom 1-to-1 to a prospect outside of Gmail? 

Yep! Send any prospect a customized campaign in Salesforce with the Sendbloom  Chrome extension

Sendbloom 1-to-1 in Gmail (step-by-step):

  1. Click the Sendbloom button in your Gmail web app
  2. Choose a cadence
  3. Add a recipient
  4. Review / edit content of your emails to resonate with this prospect
  5. Send the first touch now or schedule it for later

1. Click the Sendbloom button in your Gmail web app

Send a customized Sendbloom campaign to any prospect from your Gmail web app with Sendbloom 1-to-1. To add a prospect to a campaign, navigate click the Sendbloom button under Compose.

2. Choose a cadence

Select the cadence of touches from any of your  campaigns that you'd like to use as-is or as a template that you'll customize for your prospect. Your starred campaigns will appear at the top of the window for easy selection. 

Note: if one of your campaigns has 3  segments, you'll have three cadences you can choose from within that campaign for your Sendbloom 1-to-1. Any edits to your email touches can be made in a later step.

What if I want to create a new cadence?

If you don't have a base cadence that fits your needs, go ahead and login to your Sendbloom account to  create and submit a new campaign that defines your desired cadence (Touch 1 email, Touch 2 call, etc). Feel free to use yourself as a single dummy prospect to get the campaign going if you don't have a prospect to add to your campaign.

Once submitted, you'll have that new campaign added to your list of available cadences in Sendbloom 1-to-1.

3. Add a recipient

Just add the email of the prospect you'd like to Sendbloom. If the prospect isn't in your Sendbloom account, we'll also ask for his/her name and company to add them to your  Prospects.

4. Review / edit content of your emails to resonate with this prospect

Make any changes to the email  touches in your cadence to personalize your outreach to this prospect. 

5. Send the first touch now or schedule it for later

Send the email for your first touch to your prospect in the next few minutes ("send right meow") or pick a later date and time to fire it off ("send later"). All subsequent touches will trickle out according to the predefined schedule in your cadence.

Send your first touch right meow (aka right now / in the next few minutes)

Send your first touch later (pick date and time)

Once submitted, you'll receive a confirmation page that your campaign is sending in the next few minutes or is scheduled