What's the difference between a bump email and a new thread?

The only difference between a new thread and a bump is that a bump has a matching email subject (Re: your original subject) while a new thread has a brand new subject. 

Both bumps and new threads will have context of your previous Sendbloom emails to a prospect, just in slightly different ways: 

  • bumps: thread previous emails in a "conversation" view
  • new threads: show previous messages within the body of the email (similar to a forwarded email)

Bump Emails

Bump emails reply to the previous email in the campaign and will have a subject line that replies to that email (i.e. Re: Left you a VM). Bump emails will show as a conversation to previous emails in a single thread. 

To respond in-thread to a previous email, choose Bump previous email for any touch in your sequence. 

New Email Threads

If you choose Start new email thread for a touch, the prospect will receive an email that starts a new email conversation with context from previous emails sent in the campaign. 

New threads have new subject lines, and as such do not tie to previous campaign emails sent that have different subjects. To provide context of prior emails, new threads will show all correspondence from previous campaign emails beneath the copy for that Touch (similar to how you see context of a series of emails when you receive a forwarded email).