Create a suppression list with Opt in/Out

Suppression List - The Basics

Add prospects to your suppression list if you don't want them to receive Sendbloom emails. 

Suppression List - How it Works

Selecting "Opt Out" in  Prospects will add the selected prospect(s) to your suppression list and remove them from any ongoing or scheduled campaigns. Prospects that have been added to your suppression list will never be contacted by Sendbloom, even if you add them to a campaign in the future. 

Selecting "Opt In" in  Prospects will remove the selected prospect(s) from your suppression list. Taking a prospect out of the suppression list will allow you to send emails to that prospect again. 

Suppression Lists and Teams

Prospects and suppression lists are managed on the user level. If a teammate opts out a particular prospect, that prospect will not be opted out for other users on his team unless they also opt out the contact in their  Prospects.