Edit your campaign

Which parts of my campaign can I edit?

If your campaign is sending, you can make updates to the timing or the subject or body of your  touches for any emails that haven't sent yet. Any template changes made will take effect for all remaining emails scheduled to send.

Reschedule your next touch for later today or add newly acquired info to your templates to keep your messaging relevant and up to date.

Edits will take effect for all future prospects to be emailed in the campaign, except for any prospect added with  Sendbloom 1-to-1 (editing for 1-to-1 live campaigns is coming soon).

How do I edit a touch template or scheduled time?

Click the campaign name you'd like to update in  Campaigns and choose 'Edit' next to the touch you'd like to update (navigate into the segment you'd like to make changes to if your campaign has segments).

Don't forget to send yourself a  test email to see how your updated template will look to your prospects.

How does campaign editing work with Sendbloom 1-to-1

If you make changes to the days between touches or time of a touch (i.e. "3 weekdays later" at 8am), we'll go ahead and update it for any prospects you added to the campaign through  Sendbloom 1-to-1 in Gmail. 

If you make changes to the copy, these will not be reflected in the templates you send to prospects added through  Sendbloom 1-to-1 - we don't want to overwrite your hard work of researching those prospects (note: this feature is in development, stay tuned :)