Track emails and campaigns with Dashboard

The basics

Track and export your Sendbloom activity and performance from the Dashboard. You can view reply rates, open rates, first touches, emails sent, emails scheduled, and campaigns submitted.

Note: If you are the team lead you can export data for a single user, a group of users, or an entire team over a given time period.

Curious how you stack up to other members of your team? Check out your average open and reply rates and then compare those to other members of your team and your team as a whole. We'll also add your team's email and campaign numbers to the graphs so you can see how many prospects they're contacting. 

Monitor your Sendbloom activity

By default, we'll show your activity compared to your entire team's activity in the Dashboard

Check out your overall performance with average reply and open rate across any timeframe. You can also explore four activity graphs to track your Sendbloom activity: 

  • Number of first touch emails sent - The number of first touch point emails that went on a particular day.
  • Total emails sent - The total number of emails, across all touch points, sent on a particular day. 
  • Total emails scheduled - The total number of emails, across all touch points, scheduled to send on a particular day. 
  • Total campaigns submitted - The number of campaigns created on a particular day. 

Feel free to adjust the dates in the "From" and "To" fields to look at your activity over any time period. 

View your team's activity

You can view your teammates' Sendbloom activity and performance, too. Choose anyone on your team or your organization from the "Compare" section. To select all individuals in a team, choose "all members of this team".

Once you choose someone or a team to compare, we'll update the performance table and all the activity graphs. 

Export campaign data

Use the Dashboard to export your favorite Sendbloom data (replies, opens, clicks, bounces) for any time period to a .csv file. You can export data from your campaigns across any given date range. Team leads can export data for a single user, group of users, or an entire team for any given time period. 

Here's how you can export your data:

  1. Choose a date range for your export: Adjust the "From" and "to" dates to pick a time range
  2. If you are a team lead: select which user data you'd like your export to include: Choose "Me" to pull just your Sendbloom activity data or "Compare" to pull data across all members of a team or data for specific teammates. Team members are only able export their own data.
  3. Click "Export Data as CSV": that's it! We'll email the campaign data to you. 

I've exported the data and the times look later or earlier than I remember emails sending. Why is that?

Times in data export are shown in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), so they may be a few hours to several hours different than your time zone.