Making calls from Salesforce with the Sendbloom Dialer

The Basics

If you choose to enable the Sendbloom Dialer, you can call any phone number in Salesforce with one click. 

Once you've clicked on a number in Salesforce we'll initiate a call between you and your prospect. The details of your phone call will appear in our sidebar window where you can also log details about your call directly to Salesforce as a completed task. 

Getting Started

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable the Sendbloom Dialer for your team.

In order to make calls directly from Salesforce, you'll need to  connect your Salesforce account to Sendbloom and download our Chrome extension. Once that's done, make sure you've added your phone number and any custom call dispositions in the Dialer section of your account Settings. 

How do I make calls? 

1. Click the CALL button next to a Lead or Contact's phone number in Salesforce. You can click to call from the lead/contact page, an open call task, or any lead/contact view. 

If an open call task exists, you'll be able to initiate a call directly from the task (we'll close the task for you once the call ends). 

2. Sendbloom will initiate a phone call between you and the prospect. We'll dial out to your phone first, then we'll dial out to your prospect. Remember 3-Way Calling? It works just like that! 

3. Log your call details to Salesforce directly from the Sendbloom Sidebar. 

Once your phone call has ended we'll prompt you to choose a call disposition, leave Salesforce notes, and remove the prospect from ongoing Sendbloom campaigns. 

**If you manually dial a phone number directly from the sidebar, we will not be able to log a completed task in Salesforce. We will only log a completed task if you initiate a phone call using the CALL button. 

If you made the call directly from the lead or contact page, view, or report, we'll create a completed call task with the disposition and notes you provided. If you made the call from an open call task, we'll add the disposition and notes you provided and move the task to completed. 

If you connect with a prospect during your call, you can click Remove them from ongoing Sendbloom campaigns to prevent them from receiving any future email touches. We want to make sure they don't get any more automated emails! 

Once you click Save Activity, you can view your completed call task in the Activity History section on any lead or contact record.