How do I add an image to my emails?

The basics 

Add pictures to your campaign with any direct link to your image. Dropbox and Google Drive are two simple ways to get direct links.

Add an image with a direct link

 Click on the picture icon in the row of formatting options while editing your template to add the direct link to your image.

Pictures with Dropbox

Step 1 - Take the link provided when you click 'Copy Dropbox Link'


Step 2 - Update the end of the link from ?dl=0 to ?raw=1


Step 3 - Click the picture icon in Sendbloom (above) and paste updated link (ending in ?raw=1) + click Insert

Pictures with Google Drive

Step 1 - Upload your image to Google Drive and right click the image and select Share to set preferences to allow sharing the image with 'Anyone with the link' 

Example "Sharable Link"=

Step 2 - Take the image ID from the Shareable Link. The image ID is everything after "id="

Example image ID = 0B_nQcKJvB7ICWWlDVS1YLS04djhid1JocjJBV3pWcklWU3lR

Step 3 - Create a direct link to your image with "" 

Example Image ID from "Shareable Link" = 

For example, if your Shareable Link is, use as the URL to add your picture.